[CentOS-mirror] RayStedman.org Bandwidth

Fri Apr 25 23:08:08 UTC 2008
Lauro, John <jlauro at umflint.edu>

Dropping the DVDs would probably be more noticeable than the patches.



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Good Afternoon,


We have excess bandwidth that we have been donating to the CentOS.org
mirror for several months now.  We are starting to exceed the
available bandwidth we have available on our server.  I performed some
traffic analysis and find that on the 17th of April there was a
significant increase in daily traffic from the mirror.  Our bandwidth
consumption increased from 25GB per day to over 150GB per day and has
been holding steady at this level.  Our monthly allocation of
bandwidth will be exceeded if we continue at this rate.


We would like to continue donating bandwidth to CentOS.org but we need
to find a way to control the amount of bandwidth that it is consistent
with our monthly allocation.  We currently support all releases and
the DVDs.  Is the correct answer to reduce the amount of content we
support on the mirror?  Perhaps we should support release 5.x only?


Please give me your thoughts on how to best remain below our monthly
bandwidth allocation and support the CentOS.org community at the same


Have a great day everyone!  Greg


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