[CentOS-mirror] RayStedman.org Bandwidth

Sun Apr 27 13:43:12 UTC 2008
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

Alex Howells wrote:
> You're probably looking for something along the lines of mod_cband,
> calculate based on 200GB per Mbps at 95% and allocate accordingly --
> it'll allow clients to burst for small-ish files but fairly effectively
> ratelimits against 'big' transfers, and can enforce a global cap on
> transfer per day, week, month :)

please do NOT do cband controls for centos mirrors, we would prefer to
not have a mirror than have something that is forcing users to slow
downloads. The way in which mirror urls are used by yum are randomised
to spread the load, however a client normally sticks to one mirror for
an entire session.

If you are using mod_cband to slow transfers down, you are essentially
causing a user to run their transactions slower than what they would
have had they moved to another mirror. And at that stage, you may as
well just stop offering a mirror.

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