[CentOS-mirror] RayStedman.org Bandwidth

Mon Apr 28 01:04:49 UTC 2008
greg at raystedman.org <greg at raystedman.org>

Hey All,

The comments you folks have made on this subject have really been great.  We
are taking two steps here to help address our bandwidth limitations:

(1) Isolate CentOS traffic to a unique domain and ip address.  This will
help us monitor the traffic from the mirror separate from our main domain.
This will also give us additional flexibility for how we support the CentOS
mirror in the future.  I will look at the ip addresses requesting transfers
and see if there is a pattern of ownership.

==>> Please change the domain for the mirror from RayStedman.org to
RayStedman.net.  DNS propagation is in progress as I type this append.

(2) We are going to eliminate support for DVDs for all releases.

==>> Please update our mirror to DVD=No.  

I hope the combination of these two changes will resolve this issue.

Thank you again for your comments!  Greg