[CentOS-mirror] RayStedman.org Bandwidth

Mon Apr 28 13:38:15 UTC 2008
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

Hi Alex,

Alex Howells wrote:
> httpd access logs are inaccurate, unless you are using mod_logio or
> similar; they'll show a complete download amount for partial downloads,
> which causes AWstats and Webalizer to become *massively* inaccurate.

Thats a good point. I've had a look through some of our ( 
mirror.centos.org ) aggregated logs ( we only do :80 to the users from 
there ), and I dont see any spike around the timeperiod  Greg said he 
saw a spike. The OpenOffice update always causes a bit of a ripple, but 
that tends to settle down fairly quick. Also for new users who are 
installing from 5.1 media now, they would already have been seeing a 
previous OOo update, for them its just a case of getting a different 
rpm, almost exactly the same size.

> Reality:  bandwidth graphs of the switchport do not correlate,
> contacting them was fruitful, default access_log has serious flaws.

That does not make them useless or something to ignore, if you are 
suddenly getting a lot more traffic on the port, the first place to look 
would still be the logs.

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