[CentOS-mirror] Average Traffic?

Mike Zanker mike at zanker.org
Tue Jul 1 20:26:33 UTC 2008

On 1/7/08 20:07, John C. Young wrote:

> I’m debating joining into the mirror program to donate some additional 
> bandwidth to the worthy cause you are.
> Can a few of you speak out regarding what sort of bandwidth usage you 
> are seeing?

I think the other responses are from mirrors with DVDs. I have 
everything except the DVDs and this is my total traffic for the past few 
months (in, out and total):

June 2008	49.6 GB	633.0 GB	682.7 GB
May 2008	19.2 GB	373.7 GB	392.9 GB
April 2008	29.2 GB	491.1 GB	520.3 GB
March 2008	88.2 GB	379.7 GB	467.9 GB

Traffic graphs at http://www.zanker.org/mrtg/falcon.html

You can clearly see when 5.2 was released :)


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