[CentOS-mirror] Clarkson University Mirror Status Update

Fri Apr 24 04:17:54 UTC 2009
Mathew S. McCarrell <mccarrms at gmail.com>

As of today, Clarkson's CentOS mirror should be up-to-date.  Over the last
month, we had to migrate our mirror over to a new system, which is why we
were ~40 days out of sync.

I've listed our updated information below.

Sponsor:  Clarkson Open Source Institute (http://cosi.clarkson.edu/)
Location:  Potsdam, NY, USA
Contact:  mirror-admin at cslabs.clarkson.edu


Versions:  All
Architectures:  All
DVD:  Yes
Bandwidth:  50 Mbits - If available based on current campus usage (
Synchronised:  4 times/day with http://mirrors.rit.edu/centos/ at 3:00,
9:00, 15:00, & 21:00 EDT

Best Regards,

Mathew S. McCarrell
Clarkson University '10

mccarrms at gmail.com
mccarrms at clarkson.edu
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