[CentOS-mirror] Centos Mirror Quality

Mon Apr 27 13:35:27 UTC 2009
Svante Svedin <svante.svedin at its.uu.se>


http://www.centos.org/modules/news/article.php?storyid=118 states that 
your automatic redirect system chooses between 100 mirrors around the 

We at ftp.sunet.se would like to know if our mirror is on the list ?
If we are; do you have any logging info about how our mirror is behaving ?

We are experiencing timeouts from our servers and would like to know if 
you have too. We want to find the problem so we can make our servers 
even better. :)

If you do not have time to answer or if you prefere to not go into such 
detail please let us know.

Example of info that might be useful:

Have you experienced any more timeouts from us ?
If so, what kind of error ? When ?
What types of tests do you perform ? From the same host all the time ?
Do your have response time measurements ? Are they consistently close to 
the limit or is it just the failing connections that are slow ?

Take care!

archive at ftp.sunet.se

Svante Svedin

svante.svedin at its.uu.se

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