[CentOS-mirror] vault.centos.org rsync module?

Mon Apr 6 11:18:31 UTC 2009
Peter Kjellstrom <cap at nsc.liu.se>

On Monday 06 April 2009, Karanbir Singh wrote:
> Hey,
> J.H. wrote:
> > I was just looking to try and get access to rsync on vault.centos.org
> > and get a full, and semi regular (maybe once a week) sync going from it.
> >   Anyone know how to access that (not sure of the module name), and I
> > would hate to abuse the thing by running wget against the website :-/
> There isnt any rsync module for vault... perhaps we should create one.
> Would you be ok to host a vhost config for it at your end ? that way we
> can keep it away from the main tree, and include your mirror into the
> rrdns cycle at this end.

mirror.nsc.liu.se, which has mirrored debuginfo for a long time, would also be 
ok with a vhost config/rrdns for debuginfo.

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