[CentOS-mirror] vault.centos.org rsync module?

Tue Apr 28 23:15:46 UTC 2009
J.H. <warthog9 at kernel.org>

Speaking to these issues first (since I'm finally looping back around on 

Karanbir Singh wrote:
> Hey,
> J.H. wrote:
>> I was just looking to try and get access to rsync on vault.centos.org 
>> and get a full, and semi regular (maybe once a week) sync going from it. 
>>   Anyone know how to access that (not sure of the module name), and I 
>> would hate to abuse the thing by running wget against the website :-/
> There isnt any rsync module for vault... perhaps we should create one. 
> Would you be ok to host a vhost config for it at your end ? that way we 
> can keep it away from the main tree, and include your mirror into the 
> rrdns cycle at this end.

I've got a full copy of vault now, and have the whole thing up and 
online now.  Serving a vhost specifically is probably not high on my 
priority list (I already chew up a lot of IPs as it is and don't tend to 
do name based because of rsync/ftp issues).  I would have no objection 
to having the site in RRDNS or a redirect or something if that was the case.

> Would you also be interested in older DVD's isos ? ( that might be a bit 
> more tricky to get up ).

Possibly, though I'll admit things like DVD ISOs would be first on my 
chopping block to kill if I ever run out of space and can't get more 
storage.  For the time being I'm flush with space for this project and I 
don't think adding the DVD ISOs are going to break my bank (I can put 
them in a separate location if that helps any)

> Finally, it would be nice if vault wasent too visible. After all, the 
> only packages in vault are things that are now deprecated due to 
> bugfix/security/enhancement updates

While I applaud the "it's been deprecated people should use the latest" 
approach, it's correct and it's the right choice - real life doesn't 
always work that way and there are points where having to maintain 
something at a specific version is required (part of the reason I 
embarked on my latest project).

So I'm not going to hide the archive project I've got going here, in 
fact I fully plan to promote it and make a few things simple with 
regards to it (Example: want to install Red Hat 5.0, great here's the 
pre-setup network installer have fun is something I'm planning on 
implementing - do I think it's going to get a lot of use? No. Is it 
rather trivial at this point? Yes. So no real harm done for the few 
crazies who want a 10yr old distro).

That said I more or less flipped this "live" overnight but 
archive.kernel.org is now up and serving bits, specific to CentOS is:


I'm only syncing from my upstream about once a week, so I would 
*GREATLY* appreciate it if someone is mirroring from me to not mirror 
more often then once a week as well.

- John 'Warthog9' Hawley
Chief Kernel.org Administrator