[CentOS-mirror] mirrors not complete?

Thu Apr 9 15:38:30 UTC 2009
Paul B Schroeder <paul.schroeder at bluecoat.com>

Karanbir Singh wrote:
> Paul B Schroeder wrote:
>> I've checked several CentOS mirrors and it seems that the 5.3 SRPMS 
>> directories are not complete.  i.e. I see no repodata directory under 
>> centos/5.3/os/SRPMS and it appears that some SRPMs are missing.
>> Has this issue been reported already?
> did you read the release announcement ?
Yes...  But I would imagine the repodata could have at least been 
generated and existing for the SRPMs that are available.  Even so, I 
would have expected that all of the SRPMs would be available by now. 
The release announcement was April 1st.  It's April 9th now.  That's 
plenty more than 48 hours ago.    From the announcement:

Pending CentOS-5.3 Updates and src.rpm's

Updates have been issues from upstream since they released 5.3, a bulk
of these updates are already released into CentOS-5.3 and are available
immediately. All pending updates will be released within the next 48
hrs. To keep the initial release size smaller, the src.rpm's are also
going to be slowly released into the mirrors over the next 48 hrs along
with debuginfo packages.


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