[CentOS-mirror] mirrors not complete?

Thu Apr 9 15:44:19 UTC 2009
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

Paul B Schroeder wrote:
> Yes...  But I would imagine the repodata could have at least been 
> generated and existing for the SRPMs that are available. 

the repodata does exist, you just cant see it right now since we've not 
worked out howto transfer 60 odd Terrabytes in seconds. Once we have 
that issue resolved, I am sure things will move along better.

> Even so, I 
> would have expected that all of the SRPMs would be available by now. 
> The release announcement was April 1st.  It's April 9th now.  That's 
> plenty more than 48 hours ago.    From the announcement:

They were released well before 48 hrs, along with the debug info's - it 
just takes time once a new release is out for things to catch up. Even 
now, not all external mirrors are synced up with the 5.3 release.

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