[CentOS-mirror] lock files

Wed Aug 5 21:52:31 UTC 2009
Nick Olsen <Nick at 141networks.com>

I run a private centos mirror. Using rsync from the es.net mirror

I'm sure you get this all the time, but how do I use lock files with the
rsync client to keep multiple from spawning because of cron jobs?

My mirror also hosts ubuntu and a few others which run at the same time,
if this info is needed.


Right now the cron job just SH's a script containing a screen call with
the rsync command in it. And I would like to keep it this way. At least
that sh script. What im really looking for is a script that checks for
the lockfile if its running. And then if its not SH's the script. I
would have the cron job run  that script, and that script would run my
sh script called centos.sh located in /root/


Server is run on centos 5.3 i386

Let me know any other info needed

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