[CentOS-mirror] new mirror at UCSD (San Diego)

Fri Aug 21 18:19:09 UTC 2009
sysadmin at sysnet.ucsd.edu <sysadmin at sysnet.ucsd.edu>

Our mirror for Centos and a bunch of other stuff is
on line and appears to be working correctly.  Please
check it and if it appears satisfactory, please add
it to the list of available mirrors.


URL:            ftp://mirror.sysnet.ucsd.edu/mirror/linux/centos
URL:            http://mirror.sysnet.ucsd.edu/linux/centos
URL:            rsync://mirror.sysnet.ucsd.edu/centos

Sync:           every four hours

What:           everything (except DVDs, it seems)

Location:       San Diego, California, USA

Org:            University of California San Diego
                Department of Computer Science
                Systems and Networks Research Group

Contact:        sysadmin at sysnet.ucsd.edu

Bandwidth:      not capped currently

NB: I'll add the DVDs to the mirror if someone tells me how

Brian Kantor    Mgr, Experimental Computing Laboratory  brian at ucsd.edu
                Systems and Networking Research Group   http://sysnet.ucsd.edu
                University of California at San Diego   +1 858 534 6865 voice
                La Jolla, CA 92093-0404 USA             Office CSE-3128