[CentOS-mirror] Proposal for a mirror hierarchy

Karanbir Singh

mail-lists at karan.org
Fri Dec 4 13:03:45 UTC 2009

On 04/12/09 12:15, Kazuhiro Fujieda wrote:
> Our server has four GbE interfaces, 64 GB memory, and 20 TB
> storage with 600GB SSD cache. It allows 32768 HTTP, 8096 FTP and
> 128 rsync connections. More rsync connections are acceptable.

That is quite impressive.

The other question is - how many such mirrors are there at the moment 
that we could use at a similar tier. I know kernel.org have been great 
friends of the project, and they have machines spread around the 
world[1] - so if the are willing, we can use their setup. We would still 
need atleast a dozen or so more machines that can push at greater than 
400mbps on demand.

- KB

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