[CentOS-mirror] New IP Address

Wed Jul 1 20:00:53 UTC 2009
Paul Mezzanini <paul at themezz.com>

I currently sync with "rsync://msync-dvd.centos.org/CentOS-incdvd/".
I'm standing up a new mirrors box with a different IP so could
whomever manages that box please poke a hole for me.

Old machine
New machine

I also now have the bandwidth caps pushed out to the boarder routers
instead of a kludgy version in software.  I have a combined cap of
300Mb/s (with bursting) to the commodity internet and my connect to I2
capped at 200Mb/s (Full speed of our I2 line).  I'm not sure if that
info lives out in a database or something but at least now I have
accurate numbers.