[CentOS-mirror] new centos mirror site from sohu ,china

Thu Oct 15 09:05:22 UTC 2009
Wang Lei(Tech-NO) <alaleiwang at sohu-inc.com>



  We have set up a public centos mirror site and wish to be added to the
centos-mirror lists.

  Our mirror site information are as below:


  mirror url:   http://mirrors.sohu.com/centos/

update frequency:      2 times per day

mirror bandwidth:      100M

sponsoring organization:       sohu inc, beijing P.R.China  www.sohu.com

email:syssec at sohu-inc.com


  if any more information required ,please mail us.


  Look forward receiving your reply as quickly as possible


  Best wishes!



>From Sohu.com Internet Piaza, No.1 Park,Zhongguancun East Road,Haidian

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