[CentOS-mirror] rsync error with 5.4(sohu.china) (Wang Lei(Tech-NO)) ------------mirror site ok now

Tue Oct 27 02:42:57 UTC 2009
Wang Lei(Tech-NO) <alaleiwang at sohu-inc.com>


    We have changed our  rsync servers (now from kernel.org)and we
believe that our centos mirror is ok now.
    We still wish to be added to the centos mirror list.so please help
check it again.
    Our mirror info is as follow:
	Mirror site:http://mirrors.sohu.com/centos
     Rsync frequency: 3 times per day
    mirror bandwidth:      100M
    sponsoring organization:       sohu inc, beijing P.R.China
    email:syssec at sohu-inc.com

   thanks a lot