[CentOS-mirror] new mirror in Rome (Italy)

Thu Sep 3 11:54:11 UTC 2009
Silio d' Angelo <dangelo at gno.uniroma2.it>

      Dear CentOS' team,
since today (Thu, 3rd Sept 2009) a new CentOS mirror is up in Italy.

URLS: http://centos.fis.uniroma2.it

LOCATION: 2nd University of Rome, Rome, Italy
CONTACT: dangelo at gno.uniroma2.it
UPDATE FREQ: 4 times in a day (rsynced from: eu-msync.centos.org)
APPROXIM BW: 128 Mbit/sec (externals connetions)
               1 Gbit/sec (internal to the campus)

Thanks for your attention and, please, let me know if there are
problems of any sort. Sincerely,
                                 Silio ( dangelo at gno.uniRoma2.it )