[CentOS-mirror] want to become a public mirror contributor

Thu Sep 3 12:06:21 UTC 2009
Amarnath J <amarnj at gmail.com>

Dear CentOS Mirror Team,

           This is Amarnath Jayaraman. I like to contribute some thing to
centos , finally i choose the way to keep a public mirror of centos. Right
now i have created a mirror for centos 5.3 only. After some times i will
make full fledged Mirror.

Kindly help me to correct my mistakes. I haven't set the cronjob as well.
Just refer my link and suggest me for the same.

Details : -

Company : w2itprojects.com (mirror sponser)
Bandwidth : 100Mbps
Mirror link : http://mirrors.w2itprojects.com<http://mirror.w2itprojects.com/>(or)
City : Chennai
State : Tamil Nadu
Country : INDIA
Protocol : http

I have already registerd in centos-mirror-list.

Waiting for the reply



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