[CentOS-mirror] Average mirror traffic

Fri Sep 25 22:01:21 UTC 2009
Ralph Angenendt <ralph.angenendt at gmail.com>

Am 25.09.09 21:06, schrieb Marten Lehmann:
> so usually you have an average of about 2 MB/s which means about 16MBit 
> bandwidth?

Looks like it. It peaks with large updates (OpenOffice or the 5.3 spike
in April).

> Since HTTP seems to be the more widely used protocol for yum, which HTTP 
> daemon do you use? I guess not Apache httpd with all its unnecassary 
> features for a read only httpd?

Why not? Apache is a great performer and you can get it to have a
relatively small memory footprint if you throw out modules you don't
need. I don't see a reason to install something from a different

I think all the people talking about apache being bloated and
non-performing never even tried. If it's good enough for HEANET, then
it's good enough for me.