[CentOS-mirror] Average mirror traffic

Fri Sep 25 22:03:41 UTC 2009
Paul Stewart <pstewart at nexicomgroup.net>

Well said re:Apache - I've been involved in some websites running as
high as 20-25 million page views PER DAY using Apache .. it performs for
my needs just as well as other solutions.  It's only as bloated as
people make it by adding dozens of modules they don't require. Start
with a stock install and add only what needed - works great for me...


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Am 25.09.09 21:06, schrieb Marten Lehmann:
> so usually you have an average of about 2 MB/s which means about
> bandwidth?

Looks like it. It peaks with large updates (OpenOffice or the 5.3 spike
in April).

> Since HTTP seems to be the more widely used protocol for yum, which
> daemon do you use? I guess not Apache httpd with all its unnecassary 
> features for a read only httpd?

Why not? Apache is a great performer and you can get it to have a
relatively small memory footprint if you throw out modules you don't
need. I don't see a reason to install something from a different

I think all the people talking about apache being bloated and
non-performing never even tried. If it's good enough for HEANET, then
it's good enough for me.

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