[CentOS-mirror] Very Slow Mirror

Nick Olsen Nick at 141networks.com
Tue Aug 24 18:17:40 EDT 2010

  Now that sounds like a plan. Since were treading here. I would also 
propose this service be run on the msync machines, As I figure they are 
already geographically diverse.

I would also go further to say that in this process of checking, You get 
results back, 5 machines say bad, 2 say 30Mb/s+ then it would be marked 
as good for its region. If the mirror could push out a good amount of 
bandwidth to even one of the testing machines, it is doing fine. And the 
others could be lined up as bad peering/connection to the server. You 
know, Atleast have a bit of intelligence in the method.
And Yes, if the "monitoring" load was as low as 1gb a month, most 
mirrors wouldn't even notice.

On 8/24/2010 5:30 PM, Graham Frank wrote:
> Nick --
> Oh most definitely.  One thought I had previously was an opt-in where
> users who update with yum can opt to have transfer rates sent back to
> centos.org.  But that's treading into deep waters...
> When I say "test the server" I mean in a distributed sense.  I.e.
> multiple servers are checking from many geographically diverse
> regions.  Any one faulty checking server can easily be identified in a
> sea of working ones.  That idea pushes up the bandwidth usage for
> checking, however.  But even if checking uses a gigabyte of bandwidth
> per month, that's nothing compared to the overall bandwidth they will
> see in the same time period.  Some acceptable ground should be there
> somewhere.
> --Graham
> On Tue, Aug 24, 2010 at 4:20 PM, Nick Olsen<Nick at 141networks.com>  wrote:
>> Only problem I see with this is it would be dependent on what the mirror
>> could pull from the other mirrors.
>> Lets say the "checking" server is in the US, and the server being
>> checked is in Australia. It might hand out 10Gb/s to local users, But it
>> doesn't get used because its marked bad, All because the checking server
>> is far away(network wise). Or lets say the "checking" server has some
>> sort of bandwidth issue, Then they all get marked poor... Lots of things
>> to consider on this one.
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