[CentOS-mirror] Direct download dvd images

Tue Mar 16 19:26:05 UTC 2010
Morten-Christian Bernson <mcb at uib.no>

Why doesn't our mirror appear on this page, even when I connect to it 
from the same subnet/domain as our mirror is on?
I get this for dvd images:
The following mirrors should have dvd .iso images available for download:
Nearby Countries -

And a suggestion for these mirrors with cd iso's:
The following mirrors should have the cd .iso images available:
Actual Country -

Our mirror is centos.uib.no and it has all the dvd images, and is tagged 
correctly on this webpage:

The mirror in Germany pops up as the only nearby mirror with the dvd 
images, which is not correct, as both we and ftp.uninett.no has the dvd 
images.  And both our mirrors are tagged correctly.

PS: Could you put in a link to our University on the name on the 
mirror-page?  <A HREF="http://www.uib.no/>University of Bergen</A>

Morten-Christian Bernson,
Section for Infrastructure, Unix Server Administation
IT-department, University of Bergen
55584081/90995002/mcb at uib.no