[CentOS-mirror] Thoughts on DVD images

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Wed May 19 18:26:42 UTC 2010


On 05/19/2010 05:15 PM, Jim Kusznir wrote:
> Presently, it is my understanding that there are two different repos
> maintained: ones with dvd images, and ones without.

The reasons for this split are mostly due to issues that have been a 
major factor in msync setup in the past, many of the issues are no 
longer relevant. We have been talking about refactoring the entire setup 
and over the next few weeks will start the process of.

 > In fact,
> I'd almost expect future major releases of CentOS (6+) to distribute
> DVD isos instead of the CD disk 1 of xx isos.

At the present moment, this is speculative, I dont think we should 
predecide how centos-6 or even > 5.5 are going to shape up, but we 
should make sure that we keep the doors open for any major change that 
comes in - or hasto be brought in.

> So, I propose that the dvd-less mirror system is eliminated (all msync
> mirrors carry DVDs).  No special ACLs either...

I dont think ACL's should go at all. I think we need to have a good 
system in place, that makes it possible for large ublic mirrors to not 
need to contest with smaller localised private mirrors in order to get 
the tree out there, as soon as we are able to = and do that in a stable, 
sane manner.

One of the options that is on the cards is to reduce the number of 
machines we have in msync down to maybe 8 - 10, and have them serve up a 
public rsync targets, while we move a bulk ( 20 to 25  odd ) of the 
msync machines into a private push only network, so in order to recieve 
  the tree from these machines, admins would need to host a key and 
allow rsync from specific IP's. The exact details of how that might 
work, or even IF we want to consider that, need to be worked out - but 
its one of the options to consider.

One thing that we all need to keep in mind is that the .centos.org 
network of machines is hosted almost exclusively out of donor machines, 
running in DC's run by hosting companies and we rarely ever get more 
than 60 - 70mbps out of a single machine. There are a few exceptions, 
but only a 'few'. So we ideally want to focus on pushing to public 
mirrors with as much b/w as we can - and have the user-end of the 
spectrum pull from these public mirrors. And I dont see how to achieve 
something like that without ACL's in place.

- KB

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