[CentOS-mirror] New CentOS Mirror

Sun Nov 21 16:43:04 UTC 2010
Vahan Yerkanian <vahan at arminco.com>

On 11/21/10 2:45 PM, Ralph Angenendt wrote:
> Am 21.11.10 10:07, schrieb Vahan Yerkanian:
>> Please tell me if you need any additional information.
> With mirrors in that region I always have the problem categorizing them
> geographically (network wise):
> Is that Asia (well, yes, that's the continent is on), Russia or Europe?
> In other words: These are the three categories I have, into which of
> those regions does Armenia have the strongest network links?

That's the most popular question we get asked here. Well, Armenia was 
always at crossroads.
We're bordering with Asia and Europe, and since ex-USSR breakup in 1991 
we're not a part of
Russia at all ;) Anyway, our network uplinks are to Georgia (with 
transit to Turkey and Russia) and Iran.

We prefer to think of us being a part of Eastern Europe.