[CentOS-mirror] New CentOS Mirror

Thu Nov 25 07:24:10 UTC 2010
Vahan Yerkanian <vahan at arminco.com>

Bumping my request to add a new mirror, as the original message was 
never acted upon (sorry for the list noise).

Here are the details:

Type: full mirror with all versions and isos
Host: http://centos.arminco.com/
City: Yerevan
Country: Armenia
Region: Eastern Europe
Bandwidth: 100mbit for now with possibility to upgrade to 1Gbit if there 
is a need, direct interconnect with local IX
Organization: ARMINCO Global Telecommunications (http://www.arminco.com/)
Contact: Vahan Yerkanian vahan at arminco.com
Update Frequency: Hourly

Please tell me if you need any additional information.

Thanks for considering us,
Kind regards,
Vahan Yerkanian