[CentOS-mirror] Two noob questions

Thu Apr 7 15:18:26 UTC 2011
Digimer <linux at alteeve.com>

Hi all,

  I've mirrored CentOS (http://centos.alteeve.com), initially to be a
local mirror for our DC. I've been thinking about making it publicly
available, but I was concerned about the load it might place on the
server. I remember seeing somewhere an estimate on the bandwidth to
expect, but I seem to fail at Google and can't find that again.

  So, first question; If I become a public mirror on a server with a
100Mbit connection, will my uplink likely become saturated?

  Second question; with regards to locking to prevent rsync calls from
overstepping one another, what do most people do? The docs said to ask
here. :)


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