[CentOS-mirror] Two noob questions

Thu Apr 7 15:48:06 UTC 2011
Nick Olsen <nick at flhsi.com>

1. It could be. We run a mirror on a 100Mb/s connection and it CAN max it 
out. It doesn't all the time though.
2. Use shell locking when you run the script. Attached is what we use. 
Which grabs the mirror from mysnc, And then the dvd's from another mirror.

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Subject: [CentOS-mirror] Two noob questions

Hi all,

I've mirrored CentOS (http://centos.alteeve.com), initially to be a
local mirror for our DC. I've been thinking about making it publicly
available, but I was concerned about the load it might place on the
server. I remember seeing somewhere an estimate on the bandwidth to
expect, but I seem to fail at Google and can't find that again.

So, first question; If I become a public mirror on a server with a
100Mbit connection, will my uplink likely become saturated?

Second question; with regards to locking to prevent rsync calls from
overstepping one another, what do most people do? The docs said to ask
here. :)


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