[CentOS-mirror] 5.6 is coming closer

Mon Apr 4 16:51:21 UTC 2011
Adam <aring at gmavt.net>

As a reminder to old mirrors and tip for new mirrors now might be a good 
time to remove the "--delete" flags from your rsync scripts in order to 
protect the 5.6 tree in the event you stumble upon a mirror that doesn't 
have it after you have already download it.  I have been bit by this in 
the past.  :(  Of course make sure this is compatible with your setup 

Just my $0.02.


Ralph Angenendt wrote:
> Hi,
> just a short announcement that you will be seeing 5.6 coming to your
> mirrors in a very short while.
> The directory should sync as not open to the outside world, there will
> be a bit switch when we feel that enough mirrors should have that
> release (meaning: We monitor mirror-status.centos.org).
> If you see anything out of the ordinary, please send a mail to the
> centos-mirror list.
> Regards,
> Ralph Angenendt
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