[CentOS-mirror] 5.6 is coming closer

Tue Apr 5 09:20:31 UTC 2011
Prof. P. Sriram <sriram at ae.iitm.ac.in>

On Mon, 4 Apr 2011, Adam wrote:
> As a reminder to old mirrors and tip for new mirrors now might be a good
> time to remove the "--delete" flags from your rsync scripts in order to
> protect the 5.6 tree in the event you stumble upon a mirror that doesn't
> have it after you have already download it.

Maybe it's been discussed before, but would it not be worthwhile to do a 
DNS based thing for this? We create a temporary rsync source domain 
(instead of us-msync.centos.org, say, we do a temp.us-msync.centos.org), 
add machines from the 'permanent' domain into this temporary domain as and 
when they finish their sync of the new content and let downstream mirrors 
do the sync from this temp domain instead of the usual (permanent) domain. 
Once we have release (or all the upstreamers are synced up), we ask the 
downstream mirrors to go back to mirroring from the old permanent domains. 
Downstream mirrors could choose not to do this if they feel so for 
whatever reason. For those who choose to go along with this, it would 
entail one change of upstream server when we start and one more change to 
revert this when release is up.