[CentOS-mirror] New Mirror: mirror.ancl.hawaii.edu

Warren Togami Jr.

wtogami at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 21:21:13 UTC 2011

On 7/25/2011 11:52 AM, Ralph Angenendt wrote:
>> Question
>> ========
>> Have you folks implemented a GeoIP based MirrorManager similar to Fedora
>> Infrastructure?  We would like it very much, as we can supply all ASN's
>> and IP subnets of Hawaii networks so all those machines can
>> automatically use the nearest mirror.
> We want to/will do that. That is something I wanted to help implement,
> but I am terribly short on time at the moment, as I am moving between
> towns during the next ones and begin a new job.

Currently the vast majority of our mirror traffic appear to be random 
CentOS clients from around the world.  Meanwhile, CentOS clients located 
in nearby peered networks are randomly hitting worldwide mirrors.  This 
means we are benefited almost not at all by running a CentOS mirror.

Are you able at least to list our mirror at the top for clients asking 
for a mirrorlist from two particular ASN's?

6360  University of Hawaii
10838 Hawaii Roadrunner

Could you also display our mirror less often for worldwide clients?  50% 
as often would be ideal.

Warren Togami
warren at togami.com

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