[CentOS-mirror] New Tier 2 Mirror Request

Andrew B. Zwieg andrew at zwiegnet.com
Sat Feb 4 09:41:14 EST 2012

I would like to request to be added to a new Tier2 Mirror

http:  not yet
ftp  ftp://mirrors.zwiegnet.com
Rsync: rsync://mirrors.zwiegnet.com

Synchronizing 1 timer per day (/etc/cron.daily)

Watertown, WI, USA

Bandwidth Cap 30Mbps

All Versions 

Nickname: Zwiegnet Pro IT


Andrew Zwieg

Zwiegnet Professional IT Services
Office: 920.319.4217 x103
Fax: 920.390.2750
Mobile: 920.342.6084
andrew at zwiegnet.com

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