[CentOS-mirror] recommendations for mirror server hardware?

Tue Mar 27 21:18:55 UTC 2012
Jeff Fisher <jeff at lfchosting.com>

> I was thinking 32G RAM and maybe 600G (2x300G) in RAID0. I figure I need the spindles and read speed more than I need
> redundancy; I can always just re-mirror the content.

I'd do RAID-1 and let the 32G of ram cache the majority of what you'll 
serve up. Less to do when a drive dies :)

My mirror only has a gig of ram allocated to it right now (not sure why 
I allocated so little) and 200 gigs of space in a RAID-1 (of which, 
roughly 68 is in use for the CentOS mirror).

It serves on average 250GB/day (some days as low as 70GB, as high as 400
GB) without any issues. For a few days when 5.8 was released, it was 
serving around 1TB/day and still wasn't breaking a sweat.