[CentOS-mirror] recommendations for mirror server hardware?

Tue Mar 27 21:19:47 UTC 2012
Benjamin Hamilton <mirror-admin at metrocast.net>

(IMHO) In order of importance:

#1 Disk I/O
#2 Network I/O
#3 Disk Space
#4 RAM
#5 CPU

Disk I/O is a biggie with the more open source projects you add on to
your mirror. You'll be doing a lot of reading, and potentially a lot of
writing during periods when your mirror is fetching large chunks of new
content (point releases tend to do that). At least in our experience any
load average spikes have been related to disk i/o or network i/o (ie,
pushing 800mbits on a 1gbit link without a tcp offload engine).

Ram is also not a huge deal if you configure your httpd to be memory
efficient. You'll be serving up mostly static content so the usual
memory hogs like php, perl, etc.. are a non-issue. That and if you're
network and disk i/o aren't the source of the bottle neck then these
files are in and out of memory very very quickly.

-- Ben

On Tue, 2012-03-27 at 13:59 -0700, Tom Perrine wrote:
> On 3/27/12 1:48 PM, John 'Warthog9' Hawley wrote:
> > As much ram as you can reasonably afford and fast, and large, disk.  The
> > number of cores doesn't really play as much of a roll in a normal mirror
> > as those two factors do.
> I was thinking 32G RAM and maybe 600G (2x300G) in RAID0. I figure I need the spindles and read speed more than I need
> redundancy; I can always just re-mirror the content.
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