[CentOS-mirror] recommendations for mirror server hardware?

Tue Mar 27 21:30:23 UTC 2012
Daniel Koop Yourwebhoster.eu <daniel at yourwebhoster.eu>

Hi Tom
Caching is a good thing and I recommend to have the disks in RAID 1 instead
of RAID 0: it's better to keep the server up and running without having to
mirror if a hard drive fails. RAID 1 can be enough for a 1 Gbit uplink
depending on your disks. The server is nothing else than dumb storage which
handles small files and big files. The highest CPU usage is according to our
monitoring software 8% ; I think that this isn't caused by the webserver but
probably by rsync or updating.

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On 3/27/12 1:48 PM, John 'Warthog9' Hawley wrote:
> As much ram as you can reasonably afford and fast, and large, disk.  
> The number of cores doesn't really play as much of a roll in a normal 
> mirror as those two factors do.

I was thinking 32G RAM and maybe 600G (2x300G) in RAID0. I figure I need the
spindles and read speed more than I need redundancy; I can always just
re-mirror the content.

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