[CentOS-mirror] Opps, sorry, the correct IPv6

Anssi Johansson centos at miuku.net
Thu Nov 29 19:56:00 UTC 2012

Brivaldo Junior kirjoitti:
> Server: http://centos.ufms.br
> A        =
> AAAA = 2001:12f0:c41:1:21c:c0ff:feea:9911

Hi, the CentOS mirrorlist system operates on hostnames, not IP 
addresses. This means that any IP address changes will be picked up 
automatically whenever there are changes in the DNS. This also includes 
adding/changing/removing IPv6 addresses for the mirror, those are also 
handled automatically. There's no need to announce IP address changes.

That said, looks like that IPv6 address does not quite work:

$ telnet 2001:12f0:c41:1:21c:c0ff:feea:9911 80
Trying 2001:12f0:c41:1:21c:c0ff:feea:9911...
telnet: connect to address 2001:12f0:c41:1:21c:c0ff:feea:9911: 
Connection refused

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