[CentOS-mirror] Opps, sorry, the correct IPv6

Anssi Johansson centos at miuku.net
Thu Nov 29 20:06:44 UTC 2012

Anssi Johansson kirjoitti:
> Brivaldo Junior kirjoitti:
>> Server: http://centos.ufms.br
>> A        =
>> AAAA = 2001:12f0:c41:1:21c:c0ff:feea:9911
> Hi, the CentOS mirrorlist system operates on hostnames, not IP 
> addresses. This means that any IP address changes will be picked up 
> automatically whenever there are changes in the DNS. This also includes 
> adding/changing/removing IPv6 addresses for the mirror, those are also 
> handled automatically. There's no need to announce IP address changes.
> That said, looks like that IPv6 address does not quite work:
> $ telnet 2001:12f0:c41:1:21c:c0ff:feea:9911 80
> Trying 2001:12f0:c41:1:21c:c0ff:feea:9911...
> telnet: connect to address 2001:12f0:c41:1:21c:c0ff:feea:9911: 
> Connection refused

This seems to work now.

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