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Fri Feb 1 10:07:17 UTC 2013

--On torsdag, januari 31, 2013 13.17.52 -0600 Valeri Galtsev 
<galtsev at kicp.uchicago.edu> wrote:

> Hi Everybody,
> One thing I've noticed: during past 3 Month or so I just throw away
> everything coming through centos-mirror at centos.org mail list without
> reading.
> I do remember someone on this list made a suggestion in the past: to
> do all new mirror registration routine outside of the list, and make
> the list dedicated to maybe rare but important things that mirror
> maintainers should be aware of. Such as: any changes in master hosts.
> Any movements of content away from main scope (example: centos
> vault). Someone can continue the list.
> This way we (public mirror admins) will be able to indeed stay on top
> of our duties and serve the community better.
> Just a thought.
> Thanks.
> Valeri

I may have been the one suggesting a second list (16 jul 2012) but
other have either acknowledged the idea or asked the same question.
As pointed out back them, there is a second list that may be more
appropriate if you realy want just the minimum.

It is not what _I_ would prefer but may suit others.

Best regards,

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