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Fri Feb 1 10:22:56 UTC 2013

--On torsdag, januari 31, 2013 11.52.08 -0800 Shaun Reitan 
<shaun.reitan at ndchost.com> wrote:

> I for one have never been a fan of mailing lists, at least the way
> they are  mostly used today.  People use them like a forum, assuming
> everybody wants  to know everybody's problems.  Mailing lists in my
> opinion should be used  for announcements and notifications only.
> All the other chatter should go  on a forum where users can subscribe
> and unsubscribe to threads that they  find important.  That being
> said, I've only been on this mailing list for 24  hours so far and
> I'm already doing what you said, deleting the mail without  even
> looking at it (although I did read this message).  My guess would be
> that in another 24-48 hours I'll probably turn off email delivery's
> entirely, that?s usually what happens.  Maybe this ML needs to be
> split into  mirror-announcements and mirror-users so that some of us
> that only care  about the important things can subscribe to
> announcements and leave the  users chatter to those who want to
> receive it.  Still my opinion is that  chatter belongs in a forum.

I mostly agree.  BUT -- most of what is sent here would not make any
sense in a forum either because it is simply not relevant for anyone
but the mirror admins and the master admins.  A 1-to-1 communication
is perfectly carried out using direct email or any two-part message
passing system.

In addition, I would like a slightly more relaxed "rule" of what can
lists can be used for.  For example, it may be usefull to _more than
one_ mirror to know of temporary problems with the master or tier1
mirrors.  If a leaf mirror (having only end users) on the other hand
is offline I couldn't care less.

A would also consider tool tips ok for the list, tuning discussions,
what people use for their reports etc ok, but """how do I read the
rsync man page""" would not (It would fit a web page or forum.)

Imo it is actually a rather simple question;  is this information
interesting for anyone but me and the recipient.  If it isn't a list
is not the place.

Best regards,

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