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Anthony Somerset anthony at somersettechsolutions.co.uk
Fri Feb 1 12:09:39 UTC 2013

I do personally prefer the idea that the initial mirror submission goes via a web form to Ralph and co direct as that would also ensure all the appropriate information is captured, further comms could then go via this list as normal without issue and would reduce some of the feeling of spam.

for the people always emailing about unsubscribing - please send an email to this address from the address you have signed up: centos-mirror-leave at centos.org

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On 1 Feb 2013, at 12:22, Emil <archive at ftp.sunet.se> wrote:

> --On torsdag, januari 31, 2013 11.52.08 -0800 Shaun Reitan 
> <shaun.reitan at ndchost.com> wrote:
>> I for one have never been a fan of mailing lists, at least the way
>> they are  mostly used today.  People use them like a forum, assuming
>> everybody wants  to know everybody's problems.  Mailing lists in my
>> opinion should be used  for announcements and notifications only.
>> All the other chatter should go  on a forum where users can subscribe
>> and unsubscribe to threads that they  find important.  That being
>> said, I've only been on this mailing list for 24  hours so far and
>> I'm already doing what you said, deleting the mail without  even
>> looking at it (although I did read this message).  My guess would be
>> that in another 24-48 hours I'll probably turn off email delivery's
>> entirely, that?s usually what happens.  Maybe this ML needs to be
>> split into  mirror-announcements and mirror-users so that some of us
>> that only care  about the important things can subscribe to
>> announcements and leave the  users chatter to those who want to
>> receive it.  Still my opinion is that  chatter belongs in a forum.
> I mostly agree.  BUT -- most of what is sent here would not make any
> sense in a forum either because it is simply not relevant for anyone
> but the mirror admins and the master admins.  A 1-to-1 communication
> is perfectly carried out using direct email or any two-part message
> passing system.
> In addition, I would like a slightly more relaxed "rule" of what can
> lists can be used for.  For example, it may be usefull to _more than
> one_ mirror to know of temporary problems with the master or tier1
> mirrors.  If a leaf mirror (having only end users) on the other hand
> is offline I couldn't care less.
> A would also consider tool tips ok for the list, tuning discussions,
> what people use for their reports etc ok, but """how do I read the
> rsync man page""" would not (It would fit a web page or forum.)
> Imo it is actually a rather simple question;  is this information
> interesting for anyone but me and the recipient.  If it isn't a list
> is not the place.
> Best regards,
>        Emil
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