[CentOS-mirror] Please add new Tier 2 mirror in Texas

Sun Jun 9 01:51:50 UTC 2013
Neil Aggarwal <neil at JAMMConsulting.com>


We have set up a Tier 2 mirror to give back to the CentOS community.

Here are the server details:

Location: Dallas, TX, USA
Sponsor Name: UnmeteredVPS.net
Sponsor URL: http://UnmeteredVPS.net
Sponsor Contact: support at UnmeteredVPS.net
Versions sync'd: All
Architectures sync'd: All
Direct DVD downloads: Yes
Http URL: http://centos.UnmeteredVPS.net
FTP URL: ftp://centos.UnmeteredVPS.net
Rsync: centos.UnmeteredVPS.net::CentOS 
Network Port: 100 mpbs.
Switch port: Capped at 25 mbps, will raise if necessary
Sync time: Every 6 hours

Please add this to the list of mirror sites.

Thank you,
  Neil Aggarwal
  Customer Service

Neil Aggarwal, (972)834-1565, http://UnmeteredVPS.net/centos
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