[CentOS-mirror] Please add new Tier 2 mirror in Texas

Sun Jun 23 14:46:28 UTC 2013
Ralph Angenendt <ralph.angenendt at gmail.com>

On 09.06.2013 03:51, Neil Aggarwal wrote:

> Network Port: 100 mpbs.
> Switch port: Capped at 25 mbps, will raise if necessary

While I have no problem adding a mirror with 100 mbit at the moment, I
would refrain from adding one with 25mbps, especially as we have loads
of 1 gbps mirrors in the US. The "Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3" mirrors were
there "in the beginning" of CentOS, as 2004/2005 slower networks were
not that unusual.

If you really could raise that cap to network port speed, I'd happily
add that mirror.