[CentOS-mirror] update mirror

Tue Aug 19 06:38:19 UTC 2014
KingsHost <info at kingshost.com>

I think you need to learn how to talk
About server location when you check you can see server in IL but data
center in Phoenix AZ
And I change sync scheduled this server not to be only mirror for centos
I just try to support centos But i was wrong
Since the beginning and the way your words inappropriate

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On 8/19/14, 9:21 AM, "Fabian Arrotin" <fabian.arrotin at arrfab.net> wrote:

>On 17/08/14 22:20, KingsHost wrote:
>> Hello
>> Please update Sync schedule and Location for this mirror
>> http://mirror.kingshost.com/centos/
>> Sync schedule: Every 12 hrs
>> Location: US , AZ
>Have you migrated that host or are you now using a new and different IP ?
>A GeoIP lookup on the currently A record for mirror.kingshost.com still
>shows the previous IP and region_code as being IL.
>Also, why changing your sync scheduled to 12hours ? and while we're
>talking about your mirror, can you have a look as it's now already
>outdated and not listed anymore on the centos.org/download/mirrors page
>(currently 1.7 days behind)
>Fabian Arrotin
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