[CentOS-mirror] update mirror

Tue Aug 19 10:25:50 UTC 2014
Christopher Sweeney <csweeney at clearvoice1.com>

Speaking of someone whom needs to learn to talk....

Have you been sleep deprived?  Fabian only asked normal questions, especially when your mirror is showing out of date already.  Your server being in IL but data center in AZ doesn't make any sense either, if the server is in IL then it would be an IL mirror not AZ mirror.  Perhaps you should sleep on your response and try to come back again later.

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I think you need to learn how to talk
About server location when you check you can see server in IL but data
center in Phoenix AZ
And I change sync scheduled this server not to be only mirror for centos
I just try to support centos But i was wrong
Since the beginning and the way your words inappropriate

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On 8/19/14, 9:21 AM, "Fabian Arrotin" <fabian.arrotin at arrfab.net> wrote:

>On 17/08/14 22:20, KingsHost wrote:
>> Hello
>> Please update Sync schedule and Location for this mirror
>> http://mirror.kingshost.com/centos/
>> Sync schedule: Every 12 hrs
>> Location: US , AZ
>Have you migrated that host or are you now using a new and different IP ?
>A GeoIP lookup on the currently A record for mirror.kingshost.com still
>shows the previous IP and region_code as being IL.
>Also, why changing your sync scheduled to 12hours ? and while we're
>talking about your mirror, can you have a look as it's now already
>outdated and not listed anymore on the centos.org/download/mirrors page
>(currently 1.7 days behind)
>Fabian Arrotin
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