[CentOS-mirror] private 'altarch' mirror

Wed Dec 16 14:38:19 UTC 2015
Dominique Martinet <dominique.martinet at cea.fr>


I'm echoing to this mail:

On 10/15/2015 03:06 PM, Karanbir Singh wrote:
> On 14/10/15 12:47, Jarek Polok wrote:
>> Ok, so for now the only way to mirror the i686 altarch tree
>> is to get it over http at: http://mirror.centos.org/altarch/ ?
> see if this works for you msync.centos.org::altarch - we dont have a
> clear policy for the mirrorlist and tracking side of things, that will
> still take a few days/weeks to resolve, but it should not have any
> user facing impact as we have enough capacity in mirror.centos.org to
> handle the yum and install operations for these altarch distro's.

My problem is as follows: I'm managing some nodes without network access
so would like to mirror altarch (aarch64), but that mirror can't be
public for "security" reasons so I can't request rsync access anyway.

To make things more fun, the outbound connections this private mirror
makes are filtered and I need to give a whitelist that will go on a
proxy (can't cheat DNS for http), and both mirror.centos.org and
msync.centos.org are server-side round-robins/smart answers (can't
easily establish a full list nor tell when it changes automagically)

For regular repos, I'm mirroring via rsync through regular secondary
mirrors without much problem (because it's just one IP), but altarch
isn't mirrored (it looks like there is one in vault, but it is rather
empty - see
http://mirror.ufs.ac.za/centos-vault/altarch/7.1.1503/aarch64/os/ )

But I'm stuck because of the IP pool basically. The repo hardly ever
gets updated so I'm http-slurping it somewhere else once in a while, but
it's not viable in the long run.

Is there any plan to make altarch mirrored more widely (on vault
again?), or is there a public list where one could check
mirror.centos.org's IPs?

Dominique Martinet