[CentOS-mirror] private 'altarch' mirror

Thu Dec 17 15:08:51 UTC 2015
Fabian Arrotin <arrfab at centos.org>

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On 16/12/15 15:38, Dominique Martinet wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm echoing to this mail: 
> https://lists.centos.org/pipermail/centos-mirror/2015-October/009144.html
>  On 10/15/2015 03:06 PM, Karanbir Singh wrote:
>> On 14/10/15 12:47, Jarek Polok wrote:
>>> Ok, so for now the only way to mirror the i686 altarch tree is
>>> to get it over http at: http://mirror.centos.org/altarch/ ?
>> see if this works for you msync.centos.org::altarch - we dont
>> have a clear policy for the mirrorlist and tracking side of
>> things, that will still take a few days/weeks to resolve, but it
>> should not have any user facing impact as we have enough capacity
>> in mirror.centos.org to handle the yum and install operations for
>> these altarch distro's.
> My problem is as follows: I'm managing some nodes without network
> access so would like to mirror altarch (aarch64), but that mirror
> can't be public for "security" reasons so I can't request rsync
> access anyway.
> To make things more fun, the outbound connections this private
> mirror makes are filtered and I need to give a whitelist that will
> go on a proxy (can't cheat DNS for http), and both
> mirror.centos.org and msync.centos.org are server-side
> round-robins/smart answers (can't easily establish a full list nor
> tell when it changes automagically)
> For regular repos, I'm mirroring via rsync through regular
> secondary mirrors without much problem (because it's just one IP),
> but altarch isn't mirrored (it looks like there is one in vault,
> but it is rather empty - see 
> http://mirror.ufs.ac.za/centos-vault/altarch/7.1.1503/aarch64/os/
> )
> But I'm stuck because of the IP pool basically. The repo hardly
> ever gets updated so I'm http-slurping it somewhere else once in a
> while, but it's not viable in the long run.
> Is there any plan to make altarch mirrored more widely (on vault 
> again?), or is there a public list where one could check 
> mirror.centos.org's IPs?
> Thanks,


So, while not listed on our side yet, some external and known mirrors
are already mirroring altarch.
For example http://mirrors.coreix.net/centos-altarch/ and also
providing rsync access through mirrors.coreix.net::centos-altarch

Does that help ?

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