[CentOS-mirror] NEW mirror

Wed Aug 24 17:55:05 UTC 2016
chris <chris at nodeshosting.com>

HTTP: http://mirror.nodeshosting.com/centos/

Sync schedule: Every 4 hrsBandwidth: 1GBLocation: US / kansas city
MOSponsor: nodeshostingSponsor URL: http://nodeshosting.comIPv4
address to authorize: address to authorize: NAEmail
contact: chris at nodeshosting.comMirroring AltArch  : no

i'm not able to sync the "

rsync -aqzH --delete msync.centos.org::CentOS /path/to/local/mirror/root


error as @ERROR: Unknown module 'CentOS'

i was told my server ip must registered first , please let me know once it
is registered , so i will sync the file.

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