[CentOS-mirror] New mirror request.

Mon Mar 4 12:04:35 UTC 2019
Lefteris Lertas <llertas at enahost.com>

Dear Team,

In addition to the GR mirror we have also created another mirror in
Slovakia, as below:


HTTP: http://sk-mirror.enahost.com/centos

Sync schedule: Every 8 hrs

Bandwidth: 1G

Location: Europe/Slovakia

Sponsor: ENAHOST

Sponsor URL: https://www.enahost.com

IPv4 address to authorize:

IPv6 address to authorize: 2001:978:3901::9

Email contact: support at enahost.com <mailto:support at enahost.com> 


Mirroring AltArch: no



Lefteris Lertas 


 <mailto:llertas at enahost.com> llertas at enahost.com

 <tel:+421%20948393550> +421 948393550


Enahost s.r.o. 

Kopcianska 10, Bratislava, 85101, Slovakia 

 <https://www.enahost.com/> https://www.enahost.com
<mailto:sales at enahost.com> sales at enahost.com  <skype:Enahost> skype:Enahost


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