[CentOS-mirror] New mirror request.

Mon Mar 4 16:44:25 UTC 2019
Anssi Johansson <avij at centosproject.org>

Lefteris Lertas kirjoitti 4.3.2019 klo 14.04:
> Dear Team,
> In addition to the GR mirror we have also created another mirror in 
> Slovakia, as below:
> HTTP: http://sk-mirror.enahost.com/centos
> Sync schedule: Every 8 hrs
> Bandwidth: 1G
> Location: Europe/Slovakia
> Sponsor: ENAHOST
> Sponsor URL: https://www.enahost.com
> IPv4 address to authorize:
> IPv6 address to authorize: 2001:978:3901::9
> Email contact: support at enahost.com
> Mirroring AltArch: no

Thanks, this too has been added and you can now rsync from 

There is only one slight problem with your new mirror. It has an IPv6 
address in DNS, but it isn't reachable over IPv6. Maybe this could be 
fixed? Thanks!

$ curl -6v http://sk-mirror.enahost.com/centos/timestamp.txt
* About to connect() to sk-mirror.enahost.com port 80 (#0)
*   Trying 2001:978:3901::9...
* Connection timed out
* Failed connect to sk-mirror.enahost.com:80; Connection timed out
* Closing connection 0
curl: (7) Failed connect to sk-mirror.enahost.com:80; Connection timed out