[CentOS-mirror] Temporary Unlisting Request

Tue Jun 15 17:36:51 UTC 2021
Sysadmin <sysadmin at cybersecurity.nmt.edu>

Good Afternoon/Morning,

The dedicated mirror server at at <http://mirror.cybersecurity.nmt.edu/centos> http://mirror.cybersecurity.nmt.edu/centos/ is going to be facing an extended tentative downtime period while the educational building it is hosted in is renovated. During this time, our mirror server will be replaced with a newer server. Due to the possibility of this taking over a week, we'd like to go ahead an request to be unlisted from the mirror list until we can certify that there will be no interruptions. We will reach out to become relisted as soon as possible when uptime is secured.

If there are any questions, please let us know at sysadmin at cybersecurity.nmt.edu. Otherwise, we will watch for acknowledgement in the CentOS-mirror Digest.

Here's our info for reference:
HTTP: http://mirror.cybersecurity.nmt.edu/centos
HTTPS: https://mirror.cybersecurity.nmt.edu/centos

Sync schedule: Every 1 hour
Bandwidth: 1Gbps
Location: United States, New Mexico
Sponsor: Cybersecurity Centers of New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Sponsor URL: http://www.nmt.edu/cybersecurity/
IPv4 address to authorize:
IPv6 address to authorize: N/A
Email contact: sysadmin at cybersecurity.nmt.edu
Mirroring AltArch: Yes - http://mirror.cybersecurity.nmt.edu/centos-altarch/

-NMT Cybersecurity Centers System Administration Team.
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